Lifetime License
Buy Once, Use Unlimited

This license is an agreement between You and Vackground Ltd. When you make a purchase/free-download with Vackground, you will get a license to use in any personal and commercial projects. They are royalty free, which means pay once but use multiple (unlimited) times. You don’t have to attribute or credit us or link back to Vackground, even if the item is a freebie!

You will get a license to use the product to create unlimited end products for yourself or for your clients and the end product may be sold, licensed, sub-licensed or freely distributed. An end product is something that incorporates the product as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the original product. For example:

  • The product is a set of graphic icons/objects and the end product is a mobile app or t-shirt for sell.
  • The product is a repeatable surface pattern and the end product is a bed cover, curtains, phone cover or mug.
  • The product is a graphic background and the end product is a book cover, website, or a social media campaign.
  • The product is an illustration and the end product is a website, mobile app, poster, brochure or presentation.

What you can do & can not do with our license?

Print designs on unlimited physical end products for sell (i.e. download a design and print it on thousand/unlimited bed covers)
Print designs as it is or with modifications for your physical end products (we encourage you to modify to make something unique)
Use same design to print on multiple physical products, unlimited copies for each (i.e same design on unlimited number of mugs, curtains, book covers)
Create unlimited digital end products for personal & commercial purpose (i.e. download a background to use it on a website or social media post, download an graphic object to use it on presentation, ad banner etc)
Create unlimited digital end products for sell by adding and/or licensed graphics into new works. You must create distinct new works along with the licensed graphics where the end product will not compete with the licensed graphics (licensed graphics means the graphics/product your purchased from Vackground).
You can not re-distribute the licensed graphics as stock image or video, as an additional attachment within a tool/template/end product’s source file.
You can not permit the end user of the end product to extract the licensed graphics to its original form and use it seperately from the end product.
You can not resell, redistribute, lease, license, sub-license the Vackground product by any manner of means.

Please note that...

The license requirements and agreements above is only for 1 (one) person/designer. If you need a team license, please contact us so we can set a bespoke license for you.

The license do not allow to include Vackground graphics into a software, app or any kind of program that allows your user to create design with “mix and match”, “drag and drop” and/or “click to generate” system. If you need a custom license for this type of program, please contact us.


Have Questions or Concerns Regarding License?